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Example Session Plan for Your Personal Swimming Lessons

Swim4Kids in Sherman Oaks, California, gives you the chance to be one with the water with personalized swimming lessons. Below is a typical lesson plan when you work with me. Of course, all plans are completely customizable, so simply let me know if you would like more time to get better acquainted with your chosen topics. Lessons typically take 30 minutes, and topics and their applications are divided into distinct sections:

Child Underwater After Receiving Swimming Lessons

Safety Topics—Five Minutes

• Swim with a Buddy in
  a Supervised Area
• Be Cool, Follow the Rules
• Look before You Leap
• Think, so You Don't Sink
• Review
• Reach or Throw
• Don't Just Pack It, Wear Your Jacket
• Cold Can Kill
• Learn about Boating before
  You Go Floating
• Review


Warm-Up—Two-and-a-Half Minutes (Level Appropriate)

• Light Stretching (All Ages) • Water Entry (All Ages) • Lap Swimming (If Applicable)

Instruction—15 Minutes (Level Appropriate)

• Bubble Blowing
• Front Kick
• Prone Glide
• Back Float
• Back Glide
• Underwater Exploration
• Back Position, Arm Movement, Combined Skills
• Beginner Stroke
• Safety Skills (Rolling Over, Bobbing to Safety,
  Treading Water)

Advanced Instruction—After Going Over the Basics


• Stroke Readiness • Stroke Development • Stroke Refinement and Proficiency

Review Skill—Four Minutes


Go Over What Was Covered in the Lesson

Preview New Skills for Next Lesson—One Minute


Cool Down—Two-and-a-Half Minutes

• Floating • Breathing • Water Exit


Contact me in Sherman Oaks, California, to schedule your upcoming swimming lessons and master this exciting activity.